PLEASE NOTE: Please make sure you order the correct cartridges for your printer. If you order the wrong ones and open them, we cannot exchange them. We can exchange if left unopened. 

Traxdata FF Printable DVD-R

Traxdata FF Printable DVD-R


Traxdata Full Face White  Inkjet Printable DVD-R 8x 4.7GB is well known high quality RITEK codec dye. Full face white printable allows you to design and print on its printable surface. Highly recommended by us. Please check your drive compatibilities before buying this product.



  • The maximum storage capacity of 4.7GB
  • Maximum  burn  Speed  8x
  • RITEK G05 dye
  • Printable media for use with special inkjet printers
  • High-quality inkjet printable surface
  • Full Face White Printable