PLEASE NOTE: Please make sure you order the correct cartridges for your printer. If you order the wrong ones and open them, we cannot exchange them. We can exchange if left unopened. 

Compatible Epson T2991-T2994

Compatible Epson T2991-T2994


Compatible inks with great printing quality and with a huge capacity of ink compared to the Epson originals!
Our ink cartridges have the latest version chip for maximum compatibility with your Printer.
Our cartridges are brand new, not refilled or remanufactured and are made to ISO 9001 Standards.
The more you buy the more you save!

Pack Contains:
1 x Compatible T2991 Black 18.2ml
1 x Compatible T2992 Cyan 14ml
1 x Compatible T2993 Magenta 14ml
1 x Compatible T2994 Yellow 14ml

Original Epson inks carry around 4ml of ink each!

These inks are compatible with T2981-T12984 & T2991-T2994

These cartridges fit these following printers:-
XP-235/XP-255/XP-332/XP-335/XP-432/XP-435/XP-445/XP-442/XP-XP-342/XP-XP-345/XP-245/XP-247/XP-332/ XP-335/XP-342/XP-345/XP-432/ XP-435/XP-442/XP-445/XP-452